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Welcome to the City of Glenwood City!

The Glenwood City City Hall is currently located at 113 West Oak Street in Glenwood City (formerly Citizens State Bank).
Phone: (715) 265-4227.

The building inspector is Fred Weber, of Weber Inspections of Menomonie. For more information visit or call 715-556-0066.


Due to the prolonged, extremely cold weather the City is requesting you run your water continuously to prevent freezing of service pipes. 

It is very important to have water running someplace in the building – at a sink or bathroom stool.  The amount of water running should be a stream about the diameter of a pencil.  Utility bills will be adjusted.

It is the responsibility of the building occupant to maintain running water until further notice.  If the water gets shut off and freezes, the cost of thawing the service line will be yours.  Any damage that could occur to the water meter will also be your expense.

The City will post notice at the usual notice locations which are on the bulletin boards of City Hall, Ormson’s SuperValu and Hiawatha National Bank when it is safe to stop running water.  There will also be a notice in the Glenwood Tribune Press Reporter. 

If you have any questions please contact City Hall at 715-265-4227.  Thank you for your cooperation!