image of Main Street, Glenwood City


10 Misty Lane, Box 368
Glenwood City, WI 54013

Mission Statement:
"To serve all citizens collectively and individually by responding to all dispatched emergencies in a timely and safe fashion, and to care for all patients to the level of our training and the best of our ability."

Glenwood City Ambulance Service was originally started in 1972. The first ambulance cost $10,000 and was purchased with the help of a $5,000 grant. It was a converted 5-seat window van and was housed in the fire hall which is now the present day Nextgen Communications building on Main Street. In October 1999, a new Fire/EMS station was constructed at its current location on Misty Lane across from the high school.

Service Area:
Glenwood City EMS serves approximately 126 square miles including the City of Glenwood City, Town of Glenwood, Village of Downing, Town of Emerald, and portions of the Towns of Springfield and Forest.

Glenwood City Ambulances

2014 E450 Road Rescue
2012 E450 Road Rescue

Advanced Life Support Available:
Life Link lll helicopter/St. Paul, MN
Mayo l helicopter/Eau Claire, WI

Interested in Joining the Glenwood City EMS? Please fill out the:

- GC EMS Job Application and
- Background Information Disclosure

Billing Information/Questions:
Please direct any questions or concerns regarding your ambulance bill to Lifequest Billing Service. You can call toll free at 800-786-4911.

Click on the above link to:
- Make a payment
- Ask a question regarding your bill
- Access a phone number to talk to a Lifequest representative 

Non-billing related questions can be directed to:
Julie Lee and Wendy Werner
Glenwood City Hall
217 W. Oak Street, PO Box 368
Glenwood City, WI 54013
(715) 265-4227

Email the Glenwood City EMS at: